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If you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level, you should absolutely focus on improving the performance of your website. Smooth operation combined with adequate features can assist you in developing your online business without difficulty. People appreciate it when everything runs smoothly. As a result, ensure that your website has easy navigation, a fast loading speed, and a user-friendly layout. To achieve high sales rates and become a market leader, several characteristics are required. In other words, you must devote a significant amount of time and work to your website. 

However, if you want to make everything a lot easier while still being incredibly efficient, you may utilize the sophisticated layered navigation module. It is possible to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible with the help of this aid. So, let’s have a look inside.

The best solution by Mirasvit

best solution

Why is this a must-have add-on for you? Usability is one of the most important elements of any website since it has such a big impact on conversion rates. The following tasks may be accomplished with the aid of this add-on:

  • Make layer navigation as simple as possible for the user. The usage of AJAX technology may drastically reduce the time it takes for a website to load. The filter system has also been improved, with new, simpler filters being added. It’s also possible to create unique designs.
  • To make it easier to explore, you may increase your collection by adding more pages. Make one page for all brands or separate pages for each.
  • AJAX technology may be used to achieve infinite scrolling, or a Load More button can be added.
  • The URLs have been enhanced. Improve the SEO and human-friendliness of your URLs. This plugin allows you to reorganize all URLs so that they are more visually pleasing. Metadata can be changed, crawler visibility can be controlled, duplicate material can be removed, and filter link transfer can be managed.
  • There are pages dedicated to specific brands. Create individual pages for each of your store’s brands, each with its own URL and logo. Include brand-related information as well as SEO-related components like robots, canonical URL, and description.
  • There are numerous criteria to choose from. By default, Magento does not enable customers to choose multiple attribute values in a single filter. When they go shopping, they have to go back and forth a lot, which is inefficient. Clients, on the other hand, can use this plugin to set as many criteria as they like.
  • It’s now a lot simpler to go about. Your most frequently used filters are remembered by the plugin and shown above the product list. This allows new customers to quickly and easily select the most popular criterion, speeding up the purchase process and increasing your site’s conversion rate. It’s especially helpful in stores with a lot of filters and products. In addition, the module guarantees that both smart and regular filters only show attribute values that are relevant to the objects chosen. Your consumers will no longer be concerned about empty filters!
popular filters

All special possibilities

special possibilities
  • The search function has been enhanced. Provide your consumers with a means to quickly locate what they’re looking for, regardless of the size of your store’s product catalog. Customers may use the Layered Navigation module’s shopping options, which include a search box, to swiftly find what they’re looking for on the category page. By providing a number of search options, this search filter may be adjusted to match the needs of the store. A full-text search on the current category page, as well as a filter for product attribute options, can be among its capabilities. The search filter may be set up such that both options are available at the same time. Customers can use the search filter to filter out non-essential product characteristics without having to read the complete purchase options panel. This panel may be extensive and intimidating for companies with a large product line. If a consumer is looking for clothing for a specific environment, they can put “climate” into the search bar and then choose the applicable climatic components, such as warm or all-weather. It is not necessary to scroll down to the section on climatic characteristics.  
  • The navigation is straightforward. Customers’ brand preferences are incredibly significant in their purchasing decisions, therefore you should go out of your way to accommodate them. The extension may give a list of all the brands in your store on a separate page. There is also a page dedicated to each of the brands. Each brand’s page has a logo, a description, and a product list. You can have total control over the visibility of a brand page for that search engine by manually or automatically specifying the URL key for that search engine and applying the Store View visibility. Metadata such as the meta title, keywords, and description may be added to a brand page. For a page banner, use alt tags and a title.
  • Widgets should be integrated into the system. Create a Brand Slider widget to allow customers to quickly visit your company’s websites and goods. This brand widget should be placed where it will be most valuable to your company. It might appear on all or just a few pages of your website. Change the size of the Brand Slider and the brand photos to fit your store’s design concept. To make the slider more user-friendly, change the colors of the paging and navigation buttons. Enable the animation auto-play option to bring the brand widget to life. Set the autoplay interval and turn on the autoplay loop. The animated Brand Slider may be made more useful by pausing it when the mouse cursor hovers over it. If you have a lot of stores, you might want to make a Brand Slider for each of them. 
  • Performance enhancer. Customers do not like jumping from page to page, so keep the number of pages they have to load on their journey to a minimum. You may load more items in any category or search results page by scrolling or clicking the Load More button, either automatically or manually, using the module’s AJAX scrolling feature. 
  • On a single page, you may see the full catalog. Thanks to the plugin, your firm now has a dedicated “All Products” page. Starting each customer’s journey through your product catalog on a single page and then using layered navigation to narrow down their options is more useful. As a result of this arrangement, customers will be exposed to more things, and the number of pages they must change will be greatly decreased. To aid SEO, add metadata to the All Products page.

Additional features

a new slider
  • It’s important to emphasize what’s important. If an attribute, such as Material or Brand, has many values, Magento will show the related filter in plain English. Clients may feel perplexed if they must choose from a large number of attributes. With this plugin, you will be able to submit photographs to these types of effects. As a consequence, customers will be able to discover what they’re looking for far more rapidly. 
  • Show items that are related. When your customers use the shopping filters to find the product they want, show them similar items. This extension allows you to bundle several attribute options into a single grouped option. Customers who asked for red clothes may instead receive purple or orange. Another example is when a consumer searches for cold-weather clothing using a grouped filter, and items for cold, chilly, and windy conditions appear. Almost every characteristic of a product may be classified. Use a separate label or swatch for group choices that are visible to your clients. Give the grouped options a label so they can be displayed separately on the admin page of your store. 
  • Use traits to your advantage. A new type of slider filter has been added. It lets you search for things based on a variety of criteria, including price, size, and weight. Any business will benefit from the sliders!
  • Allow the whole population to decide what’s best. This filter emphasizes the items with the most positive ratings, which is ideal for boosting conversions. The products with the highest ratings are the most psychologically satisfying.
  • Demonstrate how the situation has changed. Customers will be especially interested in new arrivals if you sell time-sensitive items like food, clothing, or phones. This filter will be really beneficial to them. 
  • Deals of the day should not be neglected. It’s in your best interests to make it easier for people to locate your services. This filter is ideal for providing them with the extra push they require to convert. 
  • Items that are currently unavailable will be hidden from view. Customers aren’t usually interested in browsing for something they can’t buy, so you don’t want to show off out-of-stock items from your catalog. Because it is meant to remove out-of-stock items from the product list, the Stock filter is an ideal answer to this problem.


In case you wonder if you should pay attention to the Magento Layered Navigation extension, we will tell you that you should absolutely do so. This plugin will greatly improve your website, allowing you to effortlessly earn more money and get more popularity. Put your doubts aside and install this module

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