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Magento advanced product feeds and what they bring to you

Advertising, promotion, marketing, management — these are parts of a good, well-developed enterprise that is ready to bring profit. And if we are talking about online stores, one of such crucial elements is the way you promote your goods. How many people see what you sell? Do you show only related items to different categories of customers? Such questions may look kind of scary because you don’t even know where to begin. However, it doesn’t mean you can just skip this part and still make your enterprise grow. So what are you planning to do about it? Even if you know that your products must be in the right places, it doesn’t guarantee you success. It’s a complex skill to create well-structured product feeds, prepare them to integrate into the most popular marketplaces, and keep everything in the right order. Moreover, Magento hasn’t got enough features to allow you to do so. 

Don’t freak out and take a closer look at today’s module. This plugin will do all the work for you from creating detailed and well-optimized product feeds to uploading them. Make the process fully automated and enjoy the results. If you think that it sounds complicated, then let us prove you’re wrong and show how simple it is to use this extension.

Main Features

The plugin allows you to forget about the hassles of creating and submitting feeds to different search engines. You may choose from over 50 themes or design your own customized feed based on one of them. The add-on allows potential customers to locate exactly what they’re looking for in your business when they’re looking for it.

a template
  • Filtration. One of the big features of this add-on is filtering. In other words, there are astonishing numbers of possibilities available. Consider all available element parameters and choose a parameter that you wish to use as a filter. Example the filtering choices. You may select things to be included in the feed, which will allow you to choose the products that you would want to promote in a certain market. This type of flexibility allows you to govern the firm you need to expand. To emphasize the most significant things, filtration is necessary. That’s what generally matters to people. In various ways, this may be used: return the value of a parent product. There are a few variable choices, such as tracking the product stock numbers.
  • Analytics. Also, don’t overlook a key component of the eCommerce business. In a certain period, the particular tool will enable you to obtain the required information about any of your feeds. For example, you may analyze the conversion rate of your feeds and evaluate what you can do to enhance production. With its simple, intuitive design, the monitoring of your product streams is nothing complex. Use the filter system simply to keep an eye on the relevant information. To accomplish this, select the preferred settings. In addition, the presenting method may be chosen. For example, it could be a pie chart or a histogram that allows you to organize the information as you like. If you want to simplify everything, upload your feeds to Google Analytics. This allows you to alter UTM settings at all times and examine statistics.
  • Fields. It’s awesome since the number of fields in your feed is not limited. Any field may be edited fast using the menu. If you want a direct modification, just change the field code. Use the Preview feature if you don’t know what a feed looks like!
  • Easy starting configuration. The Magento 2 product feed add-on provides a lot of ready-to-build and post-pre-fabricated grids to all the most important sites. Of course, the way that people like you seek a Google feed is something they do. This is one example of a search engine however, in order to increase public interest in social media, you may use any social web setup. This approach can assist a considerable number of individuals. Moreover, these pre-constructed templates have variables enough for them to execute, so you will no longer need to add them. It is excellent to be ready for action immediately once a product has been purchased.
  • Be always aware. The plugin also includes a method to automatically notify you when the feeding of the product is finished – it sends you an email. This enables you to focus on things that are truly important to you right now. You can utilize the History Page if you wish to check something about your feeds. All modifications are shown here. You can never overlook or forget anything crucial with the assistance of this function.

No manual interaction

manual interaction

The greatest approach to make any work easier is to ask a specialist to do it. This is actually what the add-on gives. Automatic operation is a valuable and time-saving feature. What can you do here:

  • Automatically uploads are done. Feeds no longer need to be uploaded manually since this module can handle them. In addition, if you need to provide feeds on time, you may establish timetables. When you finish, click on the link button to check whether everything is OK.
  • Updates. It is crucial that your feeds contain only real information so that potential customers are not confused. This plugin offers a number of options to keep your information current. Timetables will aid you, as you know. As a consequence, your feeds don’t have to be renewed because the extension understands what you want to accomplish.
  • Using the URL, you may access it. Take care of your feeds, look through unique URLs for each feed, and get vital data. Such an excellent feature allows you to monitor your feeds and examine the info that you would want to get utilizing specific web tools. The kind of file is dependent on the service.

Customizable feeds

In addition, before altering feeds to fit your demands, you may discover pre-made patterns, which are basically unique shortcodes. The two sorts of call/editing codes accessible are attributes and values. You may make a range of modifications using these patterns, for example using PHP functions or code for an attribute.

The menu which slides down by clicking on the symbol may quickly choose certain patterns. Use the preview to check how everything looks, and it’s also helpful to make your feeds sleek, bright, and attractive.

feed preview

Here are a few customization options you may be interested in for better understanding:

  • Attributes. The creation and alteration of existing characteristics allow users a great deal of flexibility to customize. Take any automation dynamic parameter that you wish to build. For example, set specific brands a defined delivery price. In many instances, this is quite useful.
  • Categories. It is very crucial to ensure your products are displayed to the correct customers. In other words, showing children’s things to parents is appropriate. This is warranted since the conversion rate is determined. You simply have to choose from the various options and your items are in the correct category. This function ensures that your feed is in the proper position
  • Variables. PHP functions allow you to set variables in a couple of seconds to fulfill your present demands. You must use this to provide your feed with sufficient information and detail to let you learn what you want by looking only at the feed’s stuff: cost, number of goods in stock, etc. You can maintain the feeds up to date because of automated changes in dynamic variables.


Many people usually underrate the importance of good product feeds because they don’t really understand how they work. Now, when you know more about these feeds, you can realize the importance of the Magento 2 product feed plugin. With the help of such a good and reliable add-on, you can forget about the necessity of maintaining product feeds on your own. Besides, the results you will have using the add-on by Mirasvit are much higher than anything you can get other ways. Everything is going to be optimized, automized, and structured at the best level! In combination with the awesome, dedicated support, updates, and customer satisfying politics of this company, we believe that it’s one of the most helpful products on the market these days. The solution you chose today has a great influence on what you will have tomorrow. That’s why we see this as our mission — to offer the best solutions to you. 

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