Automatic Related Products

Magento: related products and how to deal with them

Each store has a single duty — to sell products. The objective is, of course, to sell as many. You are gaining more money, improving your business, increasing productivity, and making even more money in the future. Your online shop has a direct impact on your income from each element. But how can you get folks to purchase more? There are many tactics, methods, and other approaches to improve sales, but we’re discussing a particular move today—suggestions. Providing consumers with items that are fantastic complements to those they’ve previously purchased is a terrific approach to create a win-win scenario where you get a higher bill and the customer receives what he or she truly needs, even if they don’t realize it.

How did you manage to strike such a wonderful balance? Don’t worry about it and don’t put out any effort since today’s plugin will take care of it for you. All you have to do now is download the add-on and spend a few minutes finding out where to click. It’s here – you’re ready to go!

Main features and important nuances

In the eCommerce world, related items are nothing new. And, first and foremost, you must comprehend what we are discussing in order to comprehend the working principles of this module and the possible benefits you may derive from its use. That is why we have chosen to collect as much information as possible on the add-on and suggestion systems in general.

The advantages of having this module installed

cross-selling tab
  • cross- and up-selling resulted in higher sales;
  • the conversion rate will be improved by tailoring offers; 
  • all resources will be maximized, and clients will be kept engaged.
  • actual metrics may be viewed.

What can this plugin do?

As previously said, this tool will encourage your consumers to purchase more items, resulting in more profit for you, which is critical for any vendor. Magento’s default capabilities are barely adequate to meet people’s requirements. Furthermore, you must manually configure everything. It’s not straightforward to include similar items and keep them up to date on your own. Furthermore, it irritates you, preventing you from concentrating on other essential matters. If you have a large catalog, this might take hours, which is very unacceptable.

Because it automatically accomplishes everything you need: cross-linking pertinent products, ordering them, and evaluating them, the add-on ensures that your website runs smoothly and without difficulties. The amount of views/clicks/orders, as well as total income, are used in the study.

Smart algorithms and their role in your success

Smart algorithms

As you may be aware, life today is quite fast-paced, and people are prone to hurrying up anyplace, at any time. That is, they do not focus on the same item for an extended period of time. We also need to keep our hardworking clientele interested in order to avoid losing them and grow revenue. This implies you only have one chance to provide the best possible product. Fortunately for you, the extension we’re looking at right now is capable of identifying the appropriate associated item for every query. It also comes with possibilities for customizing flexible offering algorithms, which means you can get real Magento automatic related products without any complications or special skills. Here’s an example of a customization parameters:

  • The actions of other clients. Algorithms may be tweaked based on what customers buy or watch with a certain product, for example.
  • Purchases made before. This establishes a connection between the current and previous items.
  • A product’s filtering rules.
  • A product’s sorting rule (e.g bestseller)

Where to find the related-products block in Magento

product block

If you’re running an online store using Magento, you’ll need a specific block with linked products. To put it another way, a package containing things that should be purchased together. When a customer visits a product page, for example, he or she will see such a block.

It is necessary to provide relevant goods to your customers in order for them to purchase more, which will increase your sales.

It’s critical to ensure that the suggested product complements the chosen item well enough to avoid scaring customers away with irrelevant alternatives. When a store attempts to sell you something you don’t need, it’s not good. When you have good, tailored offerings, on the other hand, it seems really pleasurable.

Where related products can be seen?

Assemble the block with relevant items so that it may be shown anywhere you need it.:

  • A product page
  • A category page
  • The shopping cart
  • A customer account page

Additional Information

Additional Information

Except for the technical side and working principles, you should also know about some social aspects, such as pricing, for example. So, we decided to gather some useful information and answer a few common questions before you are good to go.


Without strong analytics, absolutely nothing is possible. This is how you can see your current difficulties, forecast new ones, and gain a better understanding of the industry. Fortunately, the plugin gives you all of the information you need to understand how things are currently going. Customers’ reactions to your proposal, their conduct, and other data are displayed here. All of this information might help you fine-tune the add-on to get the greatest results.


What’s more, this fantastic add-on comes at a reasonable price. Even though this may appear to be a high price, allow us to explain why we believe it is well priced. To begin with, the community version is inexpensive, which is the truth. Furthermore, when you click the purchase button, you get more than just the module. You’ll get 90 days of free great support, free lifetime updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, the product’s quality is adequate, and you will receive full manuals and other paperwork as needed.



Q: Is Mirasvit Related Products a legitimate extension?

A: The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you don’t trust us, you may check out a lot of good comments to see if we’re telling the truth. However, checking it on your own is the best option. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed!

Q: Is this addon compatible with Magento 1?

No, this plugin is only compatible with Magento 2 Community/ Enterprise Edition versions 2.3.* and 2.4.2. Before purchasing and installing any add-ons, it’s critical to double-check compatibility.

Q: Is it possible to sample the product before purchasing it?

A: The site has a fantastic demo for both the frontend and backend of the module.

Q: Can I utilize related goods without using this module?

A: Yes, Magento’s default functionality provides consumers with the related goods feature in order to improve sales. The argument is that they are inefficient and take a long time to complete. This isn’t going to make you a lot of money. So, if you want to achieve your objectives and create a profitable online business, you should make use of this add-on.

Q: Can I modify CSS or styles of related products?

A: On your web pages, you have complete control over the aesthetic look of the associated components. The visual style of blocks may be changed in two ways.

Edit the Automatic Related Products module’s style files directly. It is possible to change the default and “bulletproof” templates in this way. Before upgrading the extension to a new updated version, make a backup of your changed files.

Additional styles can be added using the backend admin panel. In this case, file modifications are not needed. In the backend tab, select stores, then configuration, navigate to Mirasvit Extensions, open the developer tab, locate CSS Setting, and find the Additional CSS Styles option. Note that changes are applied for each block.


This Magento Related Products module performs a basic but critical operation that has significant implications for your store. It’s incredible how a minor detail can have such a significant impact on overall productivity and revenue. We understand that you may not consider this extension to be noteworthy in comparison to others available on the market because it appears to be lacking in features. But believe us when we say that this is not the case. You can assure a profit tomorrow by investing a very little quantity of money today. People spend more money on related things than on the stuff they planned to acquire in the first place. So, if you’re a seller searching for fun, creative ways to develop your business, this addon is a must-try. Don’t spend time and money on tasks that someone or something else can complete!

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