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The more you know — the more you get. This is the rule for almost any situation in your life because knowledge is a base for success. This is why it’s so important to figure out every single detail and nuance of a phenomenon to be good at it. So it goes the same for making business. Regarding online stores, it’s vital to know whether you satisfy your clients or not. This consists of various elements, such as the number of sold goods, shipping, the most successful areas, and so on. In other words, statistics always matter to keep your lights on and become better. But it seems kinda complicated to handle all these nuances on your own. Moreover, as a Magento user, you should know that the default functionality doesn’t provide users with enough opportunities to do so. This makes us start thinking about how to solve an issue we have.

If you are struggling with a situation like this, we have a perfect solution for you. One little add-on can change everything and supply you with necessary data in a few moments. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to access various reports and see how things go in real-time in the most convenient way. Such deep analytic possibilities let you detect your weaknesses, predict potential dangers, and find a plan to improve your enterprise. So let’s find out more about the solution we offer!

Main Features

the dashboard

The best way to make up your own mind regarding anything you can try is, of course, to try it. But since we are here to tell you about the product and make you realize why you may need it, we believe that the best option is to describe its functionality and let you think over it. So, what does this add-on have to show to us? There are quite a lot of helpful features, so let’s take a look at them from the most important to the less ones:

  • Advanced Reports. The most essential feature of analytical reporting is that these reports provide all the data you need to improve overall productivity and sales. This plugin uses all data and even data you won’t see without the add-ons, unlike Magento’s basic functionality, so that you can see the latest metrics and statistics. This is a must-have in any eCommerce company. What are these documents, therefore, exactly? It’s easy to learn how to use this complement because it is extremely basic and comes with a variety of pre-made reports that fit all your requirements. You may look here from a range of viewpoints at information about your sales, orders, and customers. This means that you are always aware of the improvements that you need to make. There is also a great opportunity for you in specific areas to discover more about your sales. We call it «Magento Advanced Reports: sales by country», which means you may use a unique, dynamic virtual map to see every region by clicking on it. If you need to look at smaller zones, you can adjust the map as necessary. Country filtering is the ultimate one-of‐one function that offers you a more full picture, crucial for your industry, of your sales, transportation, and consumers.
  • Dashboards updated. This plugin allows you to adapt your dashboard to track the information you need as efficiently as possible right now. You may alter the widgets if you like to create a dashboard even more customized. This saves a considerable amount of time, which is quite economical. More relevant information than the basic dashboard is provided by the advanced dashboard. You may also share the dashboard, which is a wonderful feature, without allowing administrator access. Just provide a link to a dashboard in which visitors may see all you want.
Dashboards updated
  • Clustering of several dimensions. You may now classify your data in accordance with your choices to add tables in dimensions. This feature enhances the overall operation and allows you to focus on tasks that are more important. Users always lack the option to enter data by chosen parameters in the basic Magento version without using any additional plug-ins.
  • New columns. Although the number of standard columns for most activities is sufficient, the freedom to create new columns is considerably greater. Manufactured columns can also do computations on several additional columns you desire. To add a column, use XML configuration. You have access to the columns Custom Gross Profit or Relationship.
  • Options to view. Users may also customize how relevant information is presented in the add-on and ensure the best experience is available. You may pick both the histogram and a variety of charts. You may use columns to assist in showing the categories. You may also provide status for all transactions, which helps to track things easily.
  • Mobile use. Today, we all utilize mobile phones for many purposes, from communication and pleasure to shopping and business. In recent years, the mobile business has progressed considerably and made our lives simpler. To check the news, big PCs are no longer needed. This is why all mobile devices, including the plugin we are discussing, should be optimized fairly. You may read reports on your smartphone for an excellent benefit. For people who are continually on the go, this is an essential function. Scanning QR codes with your smartphone camera is possible to access dashboards. You may rest assured that you will not miss crucial updates or anything like this.

Report Builder

report builder’s interface

The only means of viewing the data you want are not pre-made reports. You may simply construct a report by utilizing the integrated tool, with a user-friendly design and practical properties, if you want something unique. You have total control over what you want to see, so that everything may be arranged precisely how you like. Each shop has its own unique secrets and each approach has its own. You may just replicate one of the previous reports and alter the parameters to your desire to prepare a bespoke report. With the Magento advanced reports extension, you can tailor analytics to your unique need with this degree of accuracy. Anyway, what is being debated without examples is quite difficult to comprehend, therefore let’s have a look at some custom reports:

Select sale
  • Select sales based on many variables. You may select two dimensions for instance to track everything about your sold products and your inventory in general. You may use the SKU, which is one identification for every item that allows you to search and track what you want. if you want to discover more about a specific item. The second dimension in this situation will be the order number. In this way, you will see how many times a certain product has been purchased, together with the exact amount of items purchased in certain orders.

    If you use data and customer group filters, it is possible to filter sales by a certain time period or people who buy your items. This helps you understand your customers better and gives you a better feel of good or bad times. What is the best season for you? Who spends more money all week long and who likes to spend the weekends? These methods can contribute to a factor of 10 improving sales.
  • Total expenses report. You may categorize goods by their attributes and choose from a range of alternatives if you need to compute the total income over a period. In a number of instances, this may be extremely helpful.
  • Articles were deleted. Never go into trouble, as you don’t have many things to sell you cannot meet your clients. This might lead to a decrease in sales, leading to a loss of money. This report informs you when you need rehabilitation.


In the finale, we want to submit some facts about the advanced reports Magento 2 extension we overviewed today. It is one of the most fascinating upgrades accessible without a doubt. At the same time, it is simple and efficient. The numerous choices and the customization level are impressive. These extensions are a lot of fun to use since you may adapt them to your specific requirements. If you want to build your business then you will need to know everything about sales, customers, your product, and everything else. This plugin is a tool that gives you this information in the desired format, without problems or delays. In addition, the pricing is cheap since you are provided with not only a robust tool but also free 90-day support, a guarantee for money back, free upgrades, and other benefits. We must warn you that compatibility is considered. This factor is not taken into account by many, so be confident that you will have no problems.

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