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Mirasvit’s advanced Seo Suite for Magento 2

If you are doing something on the internet, you probably want to let people find out about you as fast and as easily as possible. Especially when it comes to online shops because the amount of required time and effort to find your catalog has a direct influence on your productivity and overall income. In other words, search engine optimization is an extremely essential element of any website and online store specifically. But the problem is that it’s really complicated to figure out all the sophisticated nuances of SEO without proper education. This means that you would be more likely either to ask paid experts for help, which is quite expensive or do everything on your own, which is time-consuming. In other words, perspectives are not quite exciting if you were dreaming about a successful business without complications. 

Don’t let yourself get upset because we have a nice solution for you! Install a special add-on that can handle all of your problems and become popular among all the users on the internet. This will help you attract new clients, earn money, and improve the productivity of your enterprise quickly by choosing the necessary options! So let’s get to know how to begin.

Reasons to choose

The modules of Mirasvit offer a good range of features that really work very well since clients always choose a bundled expansion at a fair price. Anyway, if you don’t know the specifics, it doesn’t matter to describe the benefits. Let us discuss in the first place the strengths of the purchase. Here are several facts that might affect your decision:

  • Rankings for search. It’s not a secret — the first step on Google or any other search engine on the Internet is how crucial it is. The site search rankings may be readily improved with the use of particular metadata, which is also tailored for people and search algorithms. Advanced snippets can also benefit you greatly.
  • Cost-effectiveness. As indicated before, the extension Magento 2 is significantly less expensive than the employment of a professional. Just browse through the module options to see what you want and how you may reach your goals. The status of your current optimization level may also be checked using the SEO toolbar.
  • Save a considerable amount of time. Just pick the right parameters and enjoy the performance immediately. Specific patterns are provided for extra convenience if more impact is required. Consequently, the use of meta tags does not create complications or difficulties. In only a few minutes, everything can be set up!

The List of Features

Custom templates

You may change meta-data patterns by using this module. If there is no meta-data on a page, it will be filled in automatically. They will not be modified with regard to the tags you added previously. The predefined patterns may be used for adding tags to different sorts of pages.

You may also utilize variables to filter out superfluous data in your templates. A great option is available to prioritize your templates. In addition, any undesirable holes and tags may be eliminated automatically. That’s a lot of time-saving for you! The usage of the SEO suite Magento plugin is fantastic. Tweaking this module is nothing more than adding necessary information and rules. 

The option to personalize these pages is another important feature. Use the Rewrite Manager to alter the metadata of certain sites. The modifications work over the templates.

Handy SEO Toolbar

toolbar interface

The SEO Toolbar is a wonderful tool for pages in real-time to be optimized. This interface contains all relevant variables so that the search function does not need to be used to discover them.

The toolbar will also tell you if you have a problem and how to fix it. As a consequence, you’re going to have more free time.

Customize your URLs

It is crucial how your URLs appear. This suite allows you to clean and read superfluous portions or rewrite the whole URL. It may also be deleted. The list of options is sufficient to provide the best results for URL optimization.

You may use different tags as well. For instance, pages having a few versions or more canonical tags are utilized. Some versions, which may lead to a penalty, may be regarded as duplicates without these marks. You may add 3 more tags: alternative, hreflang, and «next and prev». The first is necessary if you want people to go to a different version of your site. The second is identical to the last, but the difference is that this is linked with a multi-language framework that helps visitors easily reach the correct version. For the series of pages, the final two tags are used not to break the sequence.

Redirect management is another feature that makes it easier to handle SEO duties. The search engine is an important feature of SEO as it must redirect the users to a new page whenever the URL is modified. This is necessary to keep a search ranking that has been attained before.


It is useful to have high search ranks, but not enough. To maintain their interest, users should be given sufficient details in the results. Snippets are essential in this situation. The module, therefore, offers suitable, rich snippets with a wide range of details, so users may learn more from the start.

Breadcrumbs can be added to the search results to facilitate navigating. This will enable any search engine to better comprehend the page layout.

The results of the search should also comprise your contacts because the navigation around your website may be a bit hard to get this information. Especially if mobile browsing is talked about. In addition, it makes your shop more respectful and confidential to potential consumers. Fortunately, it’s easy for you to read this essay. So why aren’t you going to do that if your CTR search has improved?

a rich snippet example

The final aspect relates to social media CTR, but not least. For example, use this module to add Open Graph tags if you want to make your pages appear good when they are shared on Facebook.

Instant Crosslinking

This module allows you to simply use cross-links. There is no difficult task for you except to choose the connecting parts – the module takes care of everything else. In a number of instances, cross-connections can be useful. For instance, if you want search engines to comprehend the structure of your website without problem.

Advanced Sitemaps

  • HTML. Enter the required parameters to produce the best map.
  • XML. Google automatically optimizes XML sitemap, adds and removes special file links, adds titles and tags to your product photographs.

Quick Start

There are some procedures to follow if you want to go to work immediately after installation:

  • Beware of templates first and foremost. Use advanced customization and flexibility to create meta-data for your pages. Use the Rewrite Tool to modify certain tags. This helps you customize several pages and accept some modifications despite the fact that the rewrite tool is given a greater priority by a template. 
  • Configure snippets to give more information to potential consumers about your product and organization as a whole. This enables every user to learn more directly from Google about your shop.
  • Set up appropriately to avoid 404 error pages for consumers. Alternatively, create an extension to guide users where they are needed.
  • Use Autolinks to establish cross-linking if you want a more complicated solution for your website.
  • The final step is to monitor your map to finish the method and be prepared to enhance your website’s popularity.


The answer will be clear if you ask us to like this module. This best SEO suite for Magento 2 can without doubt be regarded as one of the greatest extensions on the market. It holds one of the top positions according to several resources among other extensions. It offers many important features, which are both simple to use and have several advantages at a reasonable price. The reasoning is this: in comparison with the prices paid for SEO experts, the price of this plugin is much cheaper in the long run. Such a wise investment can bring you a lot of profit in the future. This module is a must-try if you want to help your company expand. So don’t wait for a miracle and take everything under control with the help of the Mirasvit add-on!

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