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The Magento Referral Program extension — increasing loyalty

No matter what you are doing, you are always connected with people. Even if your business is located on the internet, you still have to deal with someone else. And if you want to reach your goals and get what you want, you have to get on well with people around you. Otherwise, you may get into problematic situations. Regarding online shops, it’s especially important to establish good contact with customers because they are your main priority. If there were no people, you would have no one to sell to. Why is it important to ensure a good relationship between you and your clients? Customers’ loyalty is what makes people decide whether they want to buy from you, promote your shop, and develop your business or not. Satisfied consumers with a high loyalty level will never betray you and leave. Moreover, they will tell others to come, which positively affects the total productivity. 

What can you do to increase this level? One of the best ways is to create a special referral program with rewards that shows people how valuable they are and how lucrative your store is. Motivating customers to purchase your items and keep being your client is the most confident method to become better, more popular, and more successful.

Welcome to an advanced referral program

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Because the plugin is compatible with a wide range of eCommerce platforms, it provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to create, administer, and adapt a successful referral program. The only thing that restricts you here is your imagination. In other words, you may easily build your own unique techniques for inspiring people by leveraging Magento’s referral program. As a consequence, your shop will always be intriguing and unique to you.

Many techniques for improving the seller-client relationship include a psychological element that should not be neglected. Having a true army of supporters ready to protect your interests and rally behind you is extremely useful.

The quality of leads

The quality of the new customer is an essential consideration. Individuals prefer to encourage people who have similar interests to them, so reference programs are a great method to get pleasant, useful advice.

Make people more interested in what you offer

As previously said, encouraging people to engage in a range of activities, such as social media sharing, is quite useful. This has a geometric growth pattern, which implies it increases average commitment while bringing a lot of visitors to your site.

Every client is important

y client is important

The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that maintaining existing customers is considerably more beneficial than seeking out new ones. As a consequence, you may be able to spend less and make more as a result of your efforts. Why? The fact is that everyone can be trusted: those who believe in you are always prepared to invest more in your business. The Reward Points add-on provides a wonderful solution for both parties to secure these advantageous conditions — a loyalty program. Everything earns points, including social media posts and other acts. Customers are more likely to return because these rewards are exclusively available at your establishment.

Selling bundles

If customers receive extra points, they are more likely to buy bundles of goods with other items. This will aid in the creation of a cross-selling strategy. promoting a specific product Regular discounts should include additional incentives based on points. Customers will be required to pay for their points once again, making this a far better offer.

Separate Customers

Consumers are divided into tiers. Clients are divided into different groups using tiers. Because each level has its own set of restrictions, the quantity of points earned and available for redemption varies. The higher the tier, the greater the rewards for your customers. You must spend more points and buy more goods to advance to the next level. It’s also a psychological attempt to encourage consumers to compete and complete unfinished chores until they achieve the highest attainable level. That’s a fantastic loyalty program.



Because advertising is so crucial in this sector, make sure your referral and loyalty programs are well-known. The plugin may be used to send out special offers and notifications to your most devoted customers. You have total control over the information you offer to customers, including when, how, and when. First and foremost, select where your data will be visible to others. For example, it might be the cart or the reference pages. You may want to advertise specific goods in order to boost sales. When a customer chooses one item, for example, you’ll remember that you have other comparable goods in your store and that buying more will provide them greater benefits. Customers must be kept informed through a variety of information and services. This is useful since it eliminates the need to double-check the quantity on the website.

Convenient tools

There is a detailed dashboard accessible. The Magento referral program plugin is also used to give a separate dashboard where users can examine the current restrictions, levels, earnings, and transaction history of all of their loyalty and referral programs. Visitors can be directed to this page through a global URL. It is impossible to overestimate the value of a pleasant client experience. While your clients are browsing your inventory, educate them on all of the important program features. Ascertain that everyone is aware of the issue!

Transparent Transactions

You may see a comprehensive list of all transactions here. You can easily examine an entire history of points earned and spent for each user in the admin panel. Special reports are provided for a more in-depth investigation. It’s important to figure out if such software is suitable for your existing ruleset. Special reports will provide you with all of the information you want to track your whole revenue range.

Rules for earning reward points

earning rules

Let’s have a look at the list of potential incentives for your clientele to understand how it all works. Because displaying all of the conceivable scenarios would be pointless, we choose to illustrate only a handful of them. Users may be rewarded for a variety of actions, including enrolling, making a purchase, promoting your website on social media, celebrating an anniversary, and recommending new clients via a unique referral link.

You may, of course, limit the payment options available to clients. It’s equally as important as the last one. What are your specific responsibilities? The active rules, expiration periods, point collecting times, number of spending points (per order), commodities that consumers may purchase with points, program members, and so on can all be defined in this module. Additionally, the balance may be manually changed. Your loyalty skyrockets when you acquire a big number of points in a short period of time. Points can also be used to make up for errors. Give this user additional points if he or she has an issue that your support team needs to or can’t address.


People are urged to lend a hand to those who are in need. Applicants should be rewarded for their efforts. It’s wonderful to thank existing customers for bringing in new customers, but it’s much better to compensate them. This is a great way to increase your stimulation! The person who first introduced you to you may be able to reimburse you. The referral program improves the chances that new customers would remain around and spend more money than existing customers.

Hurry up to use your points

Customers should be aware that the number of available points is restricted. Customers are told that their points would expire in a week, which motivates them to spend more.

We miss you

Customers who have been inactive for an extended period of time can be brought back to life. Ascertain that your customers are aware that you are considering them. You may either reveal them or recompense them with a module if they haven’t checked in in a long. Customers are notified when the balance moves, which encourages them to come back and take advantage of the new chances.


The Magento 2 Reward Point module that Mirasvit designed is the best solution for increasing customers’ loyalty so far. As you can see, this is not only a tool for making the shopping journey more enjoyable, it’s also an efficient and pretty useful tool to develop your online business. So don’t miss your chance and install it now!

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