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The Magento 2 RMA extension — free your time

Unfortunately, standard Magento options are not sufficient to ensure that product returns may be managed simply and easily. It is a key element of any internet shop, meanwhile. It is essential that your customers have a good reputation. You may install a specific extension that will assist you a great deal to ensure the greatest productivity and manage chores like these. A tool for controlling all returns and exchanges operations is the Return Merchandise Authorisation Module. You will have no problems dealing with returns with a clear, easy-to-use interface, adjustable settings, and good functionality.

Customers can simply perform what they need using their own interface, while you are able to support them with the use of your interface. Manage your requests, answer clients and enjoy strengthening your relationship. So, if you are willing to get to know all the most intriguing intricacies of this extension, walk away.

Main Features

What can you do with the help of this add-on? There are a bunch of features that can be pretty handy for you. Therefore, let’s take a look at all of them step by step:

shipping labels
  • As you would like, tweak. It’s always nice if you can specify everything you require and thus this add-on enables you to: allow files to be added, set the maximum file size to be attached, customize the manner RMA is presented in a grid. Here you may choose the columns that match all your responsibilities.
  • Rules of Workflow. This is not just a series of alternatives, it is also a way of customizing each procedure to ensure that both parties are in the most convenient conditions. This allows you to adjust the extension to suit your goals in order to obtain optimum comfort. Communication becomes super straightforward, too. Manage any new request and message conditions, assign status and utilize templates to alert major occurrences. This facilitates your task, while consumers enjoy your offerings.
  • Notifications. Set customized notifications through email so that the key return and exchange changes are maintained and communication is easy. You can send many notifications through email using the RMA extension. Customize your messages by using variables. A new package is supplied here, in addition to standard variables. It can also interact with integrated functionalities. Make communication plain and easy by using these changes. Adjust the templates to fit your online store.
  • Magento 2: RMA shipping label. The notion to download a PDF file with all the papers required is something that customers enjoy. This makes communication between you and consumers not only more confident but also simplifies them. Nothing is tough for various carriers using this module while uploading shipping labels. In addition, both you and your consumers may handle labels and shipment statuses. These features provide you added peace of mind because you can manage all uploads, upload file kinds, etc. Prevent fraud by establishing this function and tracking all deliveries. The high versatility of the RMA module guarantees that your requirements are customized precisely.
RMA shipping label
  • Support for offline. Naturally, offline shipping is strongly related. Things transcend beyond the internet here. Therefore, offline procedures must also be taken care of. If orders cannot be placed on your database and are not made via your online store, you need RMA online. Allow consumers to deal with this and not overburden them and your crew. You can establish RMA on your own for offline purchases. However, you might prevent such requests from publishing on your website if you do not have a lot of offline sales points.
  • Messaging instantaneously. If consumers don’t like formal interactions or want to obtain rapid answers to their demands, they can send a line to you over the RMA channel. This will help you keep up with everything that happens with regard to refunds. Save the whole message history to return later. This might assist you a lot if any problematic problem happens. As already said, consumers must not log in to submit RMA requests, which are rather handy for most users as they do not generally have accounts. If you choose, this function can be disabled. The Help Desk may also include RMA inquiries.
  • Complete administration. Shoppers can select the most appropriate condition and select a reason to explain their circumstances correctly. This makes managing more than once easier. You may design your own unique RMA status which also helps you understand what’s happening right now. Consider several resolutions to fit everybody. The more committed consumers will be the better method to tackle the difficulty you have. Simply adapt the extension to your product features and experience yourself as comfortably as possible.
  • Soon answers. To improve RMA procedures, establish fast answers to completely automate or semi-automate contact. There are several typical scenarios to which a template can answer. To personalize these templates in order to offer the fastest response ever to the clients in need. This minimizes the load as well and provides consumers in seconds what they need. You can always continue in the manual mode if a scenario needs more input.
  • Custom fields. Custom fields. There are no limits to establishing new areas, which provide you the versatility that you never had before. Add the main fields to let you track what happens with requests even more conveniently. These fields can be utilized for more information as storage devices. In many instances, this can be helpful.
  • Support for APIs. The GraphQL function makes the workflow easy to handle. It addresses difficult structured requests and RMA data in your shop so that you forget this issue. However, you may continue doing everything yourself by utilizing the other features, because it is equally straightforward. If you do not want to figure out how this works. However, if you have a big shop with a huge number of applications, you need GraphQI. 
  • Detailed reports. Detailed reports. Analytics is an important factor in improving and enhancing your business. In order to improve communication, RMA findings also need to be evaluated. From RMA reports, what can you see? Well, reports on goods, characteristics, causes, and status may be obtained (offline and online). You may also see reports statistics for various parameters and export them in CSV or XML format. This may be quite handy for saving certain essential reports and for keeping an eye on them.
report examples

What do you get after all?

In the end, we want you to submit the information you have just learned and take a look at the advantages you may get from using this extension. This is perhaps the greatest method to persuade you that our solution is one of the best on the market. It doesn’t mean that you can’t find something else that is capable of satisfying your needs, but it means that you won’t probably find something that can do it that well. Anyway, here’s what you get:

  • Consumers’ ability to control all return/exchange requests via email whenever they choose.
  • All users’ guest admission. This implies that you don’t even have to log in to engage in conversations on the requests you have made.
  • You may choose how many things you want to return or exchange for shopping.
  • You can monitor the creation of RMA applications and support users when a problem occurs.
  • Templates are adjustable for consumers to answer messages.
  • RMA requests for custom fields.
  • For improved analytics, detailed RMA reports.
  • Consumers may also request reimbursement.


Traders must consider the aspects of e-commerce to be the best. So you may lose many customers if you don’t think about your return policy. You will never deal with refunds and exchanges, there is no way – nothing is flawless. Sometimes we make errors or carriers make mistakes, leading to different problems. And for them, you must be ready. Fortunately, the Magento 2 RMA extension frees you from hard solutions and provides you with the greatest features to make the RMA procedure easy and pleasant. So, if you don’t want to stagnate, install Mirasvit’s extension and solve all your RMA problems. Make clients adore your business and demonstrate that you’re the greatest on the market. This is no hard process at all with the aid of these modules. So, what do you expect?

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